Dr. Sophie Soltani - Therapy, Consulting, Workshops

Consulting Services

Dr. Sophie Soltani offers consulting services for the following:


Divorce and Custody

As a former mediator for Family Court Services and the Domestic Violence Court, Alameda County, Superior Court of California, Dr. Soltani has been mediating and assessing cases for divorce, child custody and visitation. She has developed programs for Supervised Visits and Supervised Exchanges of Parent, grandparents and other individuals and Children. She also mediates disputes between two or more individuals such as family members, neighbors and other organizational differences.


Hypnosis - Weight Loss

Dr. Soltani uses hypnosis in conjunction with counseling to help clients shed the unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy life style.

EMDR - Traumas

Dr. Soltani uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to assist clients to process and resolve unpleasant memories, traumas and addictive behaviors.